JC Geography Tuition Schedule (H1, 8813/ H2, 9751)

Dear Parents,
Following the government’s announcement of the suspension of classroom lessons from 27th March to 30th April, Geogcafe will be shifting to online lessons starting FRIDAY 27th MARCH.  Please be assured that we have tested the online lessons for a month now and have found the format that will meet the high standards you expect from a Geogcafe lesson. *All classes will continue online at their regular, scheduled time and day.* We assure you that the lessons will not change in any way. For the month of April, teachers of Geogcafe will personally connect to each and every student to ensure mastery and rigour of content. This is to increase bonding and confidence of students. We will also be keeping the class size small despite being online. Do call us to understand more about the promotions for April. 
We will monitor the online lessons carefully and make adjustments in order to ensure you have the best online learning experience possible.
Thank you for entrusting us to do the best for your child.  We are always committed and here to help your child every step of the way – even through these extraordinary social circumstances and transformations. Geogcafe is with you for the long haul.
Warmest regards,
Mr Goh and Ms Eleen
HP: 90256500
(Geography. History. Social Studies)

An Ex-JC Lecturer, Mr Eric Goh has tuition students from almost every Junior College in Singapore who scored distinction for H2/H1 Geography. Nearly every year, over 60 percent of his A-level tuition students obtained distinction. In 2019, it was 70%. He has been a geography tutor since 2003.

2020 JC2 (H1 &2) Class:
1. Every Sunday (1130-1330 – Balmoral Plaza (Newton Mrt) – JC2) (1 slot left) Call to enquire!

2. Every Sunday (0900 – 1100 – Balmoral Plaza – JC2 ) (1 slot left) Call to enquire! 

3. Every Saturday [1730-1930 – Kembangan (Mrt)- JC2] (1 slot left) Call to enquire!

4. Every Saturday [0900-1100 – Kembangan (Mrt)- JC2] (New Class)

5) JC 1 (2020) Class: 

Every Sunday (1730-1930) – Balmoral Plaza (Newton Mrt) (3 slots left) Call to enquire!

Every Saturday (2000-2200) – Kembangan (New Class) 


Secondary Tuition Schedule (Geography, 2236/Elective 2204)

Based on the GCE O-level 2020 results, all his groups as well as 1-1 tuition students scored  at least an A2 distinction for both elective and pure Geography if they joined for nearly a year (2019). Mr Eric Goh last taught in Raffles Institution ( 2014)

2020 Sec 4 Balmoral Class (Geography, History & Social Studies): 

6. Every Sunday (1500-1700 Pure Geog, 1400-1600 Elect Geog + Social Studies) – Balmoral Plaza (Newton Mrt)

(1 slot left) Call to enquire!


7. Every Saturday (1200-1300 History, 1300-1430 Social Studies, 1500-1600 Elect Geog) – Balmoral Plaza (Newton Mrt)

(3 slots left) Call to enquire!

8. Every Friday (1700-1900) – Balmoral Plaza (Newton Mrt)

(New Class) Call to enquire!

2020 Sec 4 Kembangan Class: 

Every Saturday (1130 – 1330 Pure Geog, 1230 – 1430 Elect Geog + Social Studies) – Kembangan

(1 slot left) Call to enquire!

Current Sec 1 -3 Session: 

Every Mon – Fri (1400-1700) – Balmoral Plaza (Newton Mrt) New arrangement – Call to enquire! 

IP/IB/IGCSE Geography Tuition in Singapore

Author of 2016 Ten Year Series

Mr Eric Goh has taught at Hwa Chong International School, and as the subject head, was being tasked to take charge of both IGCSE and final year IB students, resulting in nearly half the cohort scoring distinction for IB/IGCSE Geography. It was the schools best result ever for Geography.


For the 2016 O levels Geography, Sec 4 class of Kembangan did amazingly well with all the students scoring A1 for my paper except for 1 student with an A2! Proud of all of you especially Yi Yang who has to be hospitalised for a head operation three months before the examination!

Nearly 70 percent of Geogcafe’s students from 14 different centres (ACJC, AJC, HCI, IJC, JJC, MJC, NJC, NYJC, SAJC, SRJC, TJC, TPJC, VJC and Private candidates), scored distinction for 2015 A levels Geography recently. This is way above national average of 35 percent distinction and on par with Raffles.  Do know more of what i can provide via testimonials!


You can contact us in the following ways:

Phone: +65 9025-6500
Email: ericseiki@yahoo.com.sg
Address: 167A Thomson Road Goldhill Centre, next to Novena MRT (New centre – Address 1), Walking distance from Kembangan Mrt Station (Original centre – Address 2)

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