JC Tuition (Physical & online )

An Ex JJ and Hwa Chong Lecturer, Mr Eric Goh has more than 10 years of teaching experience in a college. In 2005, more than half his batch of students in a neighbourhood college scored distinction for his subject (His college was subsequently awarded value-add for Geography by the Ministry). This started his passion for helping other students and has since expanded to classes held in Eunos. He has since helped a few hundred Geography tuition students, resulting in distinction from almost all the colleges in Singapore.

He believes the secret to scoring in Geography exams is simple. While the examination board may vary the Geography questions, the tested concepts must come from the core Geography syllabus. The basis of a good grade falls on 2 areas.

  • First, to build a strong knowledge of Geography theories.
  • Second, to build application skills from past questions.
  • His Geography classes are nothing like your school lectures. Most of his classes revolve around question discussion and problem solving. They are interactive and filled with tons of knowledge and light-hearted examples to help your understanding.
  • Exclusive detailed notes and model answers
    Mr Eric Goh provides exclusive detailed revision notes, Geography exam papers with model answers and Geography case studies that not only help his students understand the content knowledge better, but also serve as effective revision guides when the exam draws near. This is not available in the market.
  • Small class size
    A small class size of no more than 8 students allows for optimal classroom interaction and discussion for the development of ideas and viewpoints without compromising on the attention each student receives from the teachers.
  • Conducive classroom environment
    All our classrooms are air-conditioned to provide a comfortable environment to enhance our students learning experience. Each classroom is also fully equipped with multi-media capabilities to support our teachers multi-modal lessons.

You can contact us in the following ways:

Phone: +65 9025-6500
Email: ericseiki@yahoo.com.sg
Address: Walking distance from Kembangan Mrt Station