Home Tuition (Physical & online)

GeogCafe provides one to one home tuition services to students at the convenience of their homes.

Students can receive all the tuition help they need, without needing to travel to another place. This will thus saving on travelling time and avoiding the need to carry heavy bags, lecture notes and books.

Home tuition for Geography is preferred by students and parents who would like to improve their Geographical understanding, sharpen their Geography skills and receive useful feedback from Geography tutors, all at the comfort of their home.

One to one tuiton works best for students who concentrate best with minimal distraction and external sources of distubances.

Geography home tuition with GeogCafe is normally conducted on a weekly basis. However, for students who wish to have Geography home tuition with GeogCafe but cannot afford the fee, they can form a small group to share costs. In the event that they have difficulty forming a group, they can opt to have tuition on a fortnightly basis.

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If you would like us to call you back for arranging personal tuition services for Geography, kindly register your interest here. You may also leave an SMS (Short Message Service) to 90256500 with your preferred call-back number, the best time to call, and the type of tuition required.

You can contact us in the following ways:

Phone: +65 9025-6500
Email: ericseiki@yahoo.com.sg
Address: Walking distance from Kembangan Mrt Station